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ITEM #3 <br />DATE: MARCH 24, 2009 <br />TO: PLANNING COMMISSION <br />FROM: COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT <br />T~ OrN <br />Inter-Com ?~~~,~~? <br />SUBJECT: TUSTIN HISTORIC REGISTER NOMINATION - 310 S. PASADENA AVE. <br />RECOMMENDATION <br />That the Planning Commission approve the nomination of 310 South Pasadena Avenue to <br />the Tustin Historic Register Plaque Designation Program and select the most appropriate _ <br />historical name and date of construction for the property. <br />BACKGROUND AND DISCUSSION <br />Owners of historic homes or commercial buildings in Tustin are eligible to participate in the <br />City's plaque designation program, called the Tustin Historic Register. The purpose of the <br />voluntary program is to recognize Tustin's historic properties, educate the public, increase <br />public interest in historic properties, and promote community pride. The bronze plaques <br />purchased through the program may be mounted or set on metal stakes. Property owners <br />who would like to participate are responsible for the cost, installation, and maintenance of <br />the plaques. <br />The plagues display the construction date of the building, up to two lines of text, and are <br />identified with the words "Tustin Historic Register." Nomination forms are obtained from <br />the Community Development Department. Anyone, including the Commission, may <br />nominate properties. <br />On January 27, 2009, the Planning Commission approved the nomination of the property at <br />310 South Pasadena Avenue to the City's quarterly Commendation Program. As a result, <br />this property is automatically nominated to the City's Historic Register Program and provided ' <br />with a plaque paid for by the City of Tustin. <br />Pursuant to the procedures approved by the City Council on November 6, 2007, the <br />nomination was forwarded to the presidents of the Tustin Preservation Conservancy and <br />Tustin Area Historical Society. The two groups were requested to collaborate andlor <br />review the nomination, research the history of the property, and to note the most <br />appropriate historical name and date of construction. <br />The Preservation Conservancy transmitted the attached information (Attachment A) to the <br />Community Development Department on March 3, 2009. The Historical Society has not <br />provided any information pertaining to the nomination. <br />