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DocuSign Envelope ID: EC9F8514-98D0-4126-AC06-9414AF8C37AC <br />H. That on May 24, 2022, the Planning Commission adopted Resolution No. 4451 <br />and recommended that the City Council adopt Ordinance No. 1523, approving <br />CA 2022-0001. <br />I. That on July 19, 2022, a public hearing was duly noticed, called, and held on <br />CA 2022-0001 by the City Council. <br />J. That the proposed SB 9 provisions are reasonably necessary to protect the <br />health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of the City of Tustin. <br />K. That SB 9 development is not applicable to and shall not cause a substantial <br />adverse change in the significance of a real property that is listed in the <br />California Register of Historic Places or the City of Tustin Historical Resources <br />Survey. <br />L. That the proposed amendments are consistent with the Tustin General Plan in <br />that they comply with the following goals and policy: <br />Land Use Element Goal 4 to assure a safe, healthy, and aesthetically <br />pleasing community for residents and businesses. <br />Housing Element Goal 1: to provide an adequate supply of housing to <br />meet the need for a variety of housing types and the diverse socio- <br />economic needs of all community residents commensurate with the City's <br />identified housing needs in the RHNA allocation. <br />SECTION 2. Section 9280 is hereby added to Part 7 (General Regulations) of Chapter 2 <br />(Zoning) of Article 9 (Land Use) of the TCC to read as follows: <br />9280 — REGULATION OF SB 9 TWO -UNIT RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENTS AND <br />URBAN LOT SPLITS <br />A. Purpose, Applicability, Definitions, Interpretation. <br />1. Purpose. The purpose of this Section is to appropriately regulate qualifying SB <br />9 two -unit residential developments and urban lot splits within single-family <br />residential zones in accordance with California Government Code Sections <br />65852.21 and 66411.7. <br />2. Applicability. The standards and limitations set forth in this Section shall apply <br />to urban lot splits and the development and use of SB 9 two -unit residential <br />developments within a single-family residential zone in the City, <br />notwithstanding any other conflicting provisions of this code. In the event of a <br />Ordinance No. 1523 <br />Page 2 of 21 <br />